Automated performance analysis of business processes

TitleAutomated performance analysis of business processes
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsBocciarelli, P., and Andrea D'Ambrogio
Conference NameSimulation Series
ISBN Number9781618397867
KeywordsBPMN, Business Process, Competition, Computer simulation, EQN, Java programming language, jEQN, MDA, Performance, Software architecture
AbstractBusiness processes (BPs) can be seen as flows of tasks that are orchestrated to accomplish well-defined goals. The ability to predict at design time the BP behavior assumes a strategic relevance, both to early assess whether or not the business goals are achieved and to gain a competitive advantage. This paper focuses on the performance prediction of BPs. Specifically, this work introduces a model-driven method that, starting from a performance-enabled description of a BP, first derives a BP performance model of EQN (Extended Queueing Network) type, and then generates and executes the EQN model implementation, thus enacting a fully automated analysis of the business process behavior. The performance model implementation is carried out by use of jEQN, a java-based domain specific language for specifying and executing EQN models. The paper also describes how the proposed model-driven method has been effectively implemented.