BOM2UML: Integrating BOM specifications into UML-based development environments

TitleBOM2UML: Integrating BOM specifications into UML-based development environments
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsGianni, D., Andrea D'Ambrogio, and M. Grasso
Conference NameSimulation Series
ISBN Number9781618397867
KeywordsBOM, Computer simulation, HLA, Mathematical models, Model driven development, Model transformation, Specifications, Standards, UML, Unified Modeling Language
AbstractBase Object Model (BOM) is a standard to define conceptual models that can be reused for the development or the extension of simulation systems based on the IEEE High Level Architecture (HLA). However, BOM specifications suffer from interoperability issues as they cannot be automatically imported into model-driven simulation engineering environments based on UML and related standards. In this paper, we overcome this limitation by introducing BOM2UML, a model transformation to derive standard UML models from a BOM specification. We provide both a conceptual description of the transformation rules and the details of their implementation in ATL, the Atlas Transformation Language. We also show a preliminary output of the proposed transformation, applied to a set of BOM specifications of a simplified military application.