Interfacing clearly

TitleInterfacing clearly
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsGianni, D., M. Lisi, P. De Simone, Andrea D'Ambrogio, and M. Luglio
JournalGPS World
KeywordsDesign, EOS, Galileo mission, numerical model, software, testing method

The EOS will provide ranging capabilities and will enable receiver manufacturers to begin to design and test their technological solutions for Galileo receivers and Galileo overlay services, such as search and rescue. Specifically, the MBSE approaches enable the designer to effectively trace the requirements and design alternatives on the descending branch of the 'V.' For the same characteristics, MBSE facilitates the verification through a model repository that interconnects not only the design products, but also the stakeholders involved in the entire process. In addition, MBSE approaches support the automatic generation of the documentation and of other artifacts, particularly software. Using a model-based approach, it becomes easier to establish links between interface elements and the functional blocks in the receiver schema. Moreover, these links can also be decorated with a number of properties that can be used to further describe the type of the relationship between the interface element and the functional block.