A MDA-based approach for the development of DEVS/SOA simulations

TitleA MDA-based approach for the development of DEVS/SOA simulations
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsD'Ambrogio, Andrea, D. Gianni, J.L. Risco-Martín, and A. Pieroni
Conference NameSimulation Series
ISBN Number9781617382048
KeywordsDEVS, Discrete event simulation, Mathematical models, MDA, Model driven development, Model transformation, Software architecture, Specifications, UML
AbstractThe intrinsic complexity of the DEVS formalism and the manual production of DEVS-based simulations might constitute obstacles to the adoption of DEVS for both system modelers and simulation users. To overcome these obstacles, this paper introduces a model-driven approach for the development of DEVS simulations. The approach provides modelers and users with standard graphical modeling languages and with model transformation specifications for automated code production. Specifically, the approach enables the UML specification of DEVS models and automates the generation of DEVS simulations that make use of the DEVS/SOA implementation. An example application to the production of a DEVS/SOA simulation for a basic queuing system is also presented, to show the details of the proposed approach.