Producing simulation sequences by use of a java-based generalized framework

TitleProducing simulation sequences by use of a java-based generalized framework
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsGianni, D., Andrea D'Ambrogio, G. Iazeolla, and A. Pieroni
Conference NameProceedings - EMS 2008, European Modelling Symposium, 2nd UKSim European Symposium on Computer Modelling and Simulation
ISBN Number9780769533254
KeywordsComputer systems, Critical systems, Degree of flexibilities, Input sequences, Input settings, Magnetic properties, Magnetic susceptibility, Model logics, Simulation results, Simulation systems, System behaviours
AbstractThe quality and representativeness of simulation results heavily depend on the sequence of numbers used in the experiments. When dealing with simulations of critical systems, it might be necessary to increase the representativeness of such results by running experiments with different sequences and to investigate the system behaviour in specific situations. In large models, however, managing sequence of numbers could become cumbersome and could attract the attention of simulation system developers on the input settings instead of model logic. In this paper, we present a component-based framework for sequence of numbers that offers a high degree of flexibility and raises the simulation system developers from the details of the input sequences while implementing the model logic. The sequences can be thus configured in a following phase and deployed in the simulation systems with almost no effort. © 2008 IEEE.