Mod4Sim 2012

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Model-driven engineering approaches have been shown to bring considerable advantages to software systems engineering activities as these approaches provide consistent and coherent means for systems representation in the form of abstract models. As these models are in a machine readable form, model-driven engineering approaches can also support the exploitation of computing capabilities for model blocks reuse, programming code generation, and model checking, for example.

The definition of a simulation model, its software implementation and its execution platform form what is known as simulation engineering. As simulation systems are mainly based on software, these systems can similarly benefit from model-driven approaches to support automatic software generation, enhance software quality, and reduce costs, development effort and time-to-market.

The workshop on model-driven approaches for simulation engineering (Mod4Sim) aims to bring together experts on Model-based, Model-Driven and software engineering with experts on simulation methods and simulation practitioners, with the objective to advance the state-of-art in model-driven simulation engineering.

The workshop is held under the aegis of the Symposium on Theory of Modeling and Simulation, part of the SCS SpringSim 2012 conference, March 26-29, 2012, Orlando, FL (USA).